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These amazing, hand painted original Turkish urns come in a variety of sizes and finishes ranging from all white to terracotta, no two are the same!

They make the perfect decorator item for any event especially weddings.

The Turkish urns can be used with or without greenery.

Turkish Urns

Excluding GST |
  • Small: perfect on a table or bar.

    Medium: great grouped with another size and can be used with or without greenery.

    Large: perfect for an entrance to marquee or aisle, can be used by itself or group with another size or lantern.

    X-Large: not an original but made from fibre glass so easy to move, perfect for a stand alone, stand out and dramatic look.

  • Small 2 available

    Medium 2 available

    Large 4 available, 2 narrow mouth original, 2 wide mouth fibre glass

    X-Large 2 available

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